Why you should never sleep with your boss

We’ve all heard the stories of how the romantic relationship with the handsome, amazing boss went horribly wrong. These relationships can run the gamut from being simply unprofessional and racking up company expenses to outright horrid, ruining people’s lives. But who are we to judge?

We’d be the last people to judge you, dear reader. The fact you’re reading this can mean one of two things: you’re thinking about sex or a sexual relationship with the boss or you already have and are in one. There’s no harm in thinking about it – it’s a great way to pass time in the office (during periods of low activity). But if you have done it, it’s not too late to end the relationship and go back to being just employer and employee.

But why should you?

Sleeping with the boss is particularly unadvisable if you’re a woman. Seeing as women are in a position of little power as it is, you’re making yourself even more vulnerable. He’s likely to take advantage. Ultimately, you’ll be working more (both in the office and outside it) without this necessarily having an effect on your paycheck. Unless he’s a great, understanding guy, which he probably isn’t given that he’s initiated a sexual relationship with an employee.

If this scenario doesn’t play out, there’s another option – disclosure. It’s unbelievable how hard it is to keep these things secret. Even if there is no explicit proof, people are quick to pick up on chemistry between coworkers. Then, you’ll be facing resentment, especially from other female colleagues, without this necessarily being warranted.

And the horror stories I started with? Imagine your personality differences lead to conflict that gets so bad you want to quit your job. And if you do? Nobody will be on your side, and he won’t even give you a reference.

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