Where to Book Cheap Meeting Rooms for Business?

If you’ve come to the realization that you want to organize your meeting, but you are on a tight budget and you do not know where to book cheap meeting rooms in London. That’s okay because we are here to help you make your final decision. Booking a Breather meeting room in London can be tough, but with the appropriate research and some good choices, you can find the right space. Even on a budget.

Wilson Room

The first room on our list is also the smallest. The Wilson Room on Edgware Road, Marleybone, has two square meters of space. The price starts at 50 British Pounds per hour. With plenty of natural lighting, this is a versatile room. The capacity for this room is 12 people and you can set up a U-shape for smaller conferences. External catering is allowed.

Space 8

Space 8 at Jerwood Square is a bit more expensive, starting at 55 British Pounds per hour. With the higher price comes more versatility. The room can be set up for business meetings, presentations, interviews, and workshops. The capacity for Space 8 is around 30 standing places. The room is air-conditioned and has a great orientation. The atmosphere created in this space, from its lighting to the overall design, make it ideal for its price and location.

De Vere Devonport House

For larger events or meetings, the De Vere Devonport House might be your choice. Starting at 39 British Pounds per person, this room is ideal for larger presentations and seminars. Capacity for this room is 80 people, so you can ensure a comfortable space for your event. Located in the Cutty Sark DLR/BR area, this venue is good for business meetings, weddings, birthday parties, and seminars.

Living room at The Hoxton Holborn

If you are on a budget but you need a more luxurious setting, look no further. The Living Room is going to be your place. Located in Holborn Tube Station, this room has a capacity of around 20 people and you can arrange the room in a U-shape for your event. What is great about this room is that you have the option of removing a steel wall in between rooms so you can create a larger area if you need to host a bigger event. Pricing for this versatile space is 65 British Pounds per person.

Rio Room

The Rio Room is a classroom shaped meeting room that can accommodate up to 50 people. Located near the Oxford Circus, at Tottenham Court Road, the Rio Room has recently been refurbished. The great thing about this room is that you are able to create a layout that will match your needs. From a presentation or lecture to smaller groups or a larger U-shape, whatever is necessary can be arranged. The usage of a projector, screen, and writing board are all available, as is a WiFi connection. The room has great natural lighting, so your meetings will be more natural and less stuffy. Pricing for this room starts at 80 British Pounds per hour.

Meeting room 2 at TOG 256-260 Old Street

With the Meeting Room 2, you are looking at smaller, more intimate gatherings. The capacity is 8 people. Great for business meetings, you will be amazed at the beautiful interior and exterior of this building, as the history of this location dates back to the 1930s. Meeting Room 2 offers an HD screen and writing boards and it is furnished and air conditioned. With pricing starting at 50 British Pounds per hour, this is certainly an affordable option considering all that is offered.

Lavender room at Finsbury Park

Lavender Room at Finsbury Park has a great location and is a perfect meeting space for up to 20 guests. At 30 British Pounds per hour, this is one of the cheaper options you will find. The space looks fantastic and has a 36 square meter area. You have the option for full catering, but you can simply go to the cafeteria and get a drink if you do not want to utilize the catering. With the Lavender Room, you have great business meeting essentials available to you. Included in the price is the use of a projector, a flip chart, and WiFi. There is a lift for those who need it. Overall, this room is perfect for medium sized business meetings.

If you regularly need and use meeting rooms for your business, think about looking at some of these options. Finding meeting rooms in London can be an ordeal, but you can see we’ve found some great rooms for you to consider. Change your meeting room and get some fresh ideas flowing for your business. For around 60 British Pounds you may find just what you’ve been looking for.

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