Is it common for people to have sex at the office?

Arguably, it’s hard to come across statistical data on such things, but it is more common than we can imagine. The actual frequency depends on the type of office, the number of staff there at any given point in time, the duration of breaks, and other factors.

Personality and Office Space

The very idea of sex in an open-plan office is enough to keep our minds occupied during the dull hours. You’d be surprised to learn that sex between people who work in these types of offices is more common than in cubicle-type ones or in less spacious premises. Why is that? Contrary to assumptions, lack of space doesn’t bring about greater intimacy. If anything, it has the exact opposite effect. Your personal space is invaded. You feel anxious and agitated, not horny.

It might also have something to do with the mentality of people. Those who favor spacious offices are more open by nature. Their aspiration toward this sort of workplace is a reflection of their more liberal attitudes and perspectives. Such people would be more open to trysts with coworkers and bosses than narrow-minded people, whose views are reflected in the more restricted premises they call office space.

Number of Staff

The fewer employees, the higher the likelihood of your coworkers doing the deed during office hours. Again, you might be surprised. But it’s true and there are several reasons for this. First, big offices with lots of staff tend to have cameras everywhere, so sex is not a distinct possibility. The office atmosphere is more formal when there are lots of people there to enable smoother interaction. Which makes sense – when you have a bigger crowd, you need certain rules of conduct in place, and the very existence of these discourages uninhibited thinking and behavior. It’s also easier to find someone you’re sexually (and emotionally) compatible with in a smaller team.

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